Undergrounding utilities

Watch this story to learn more about efforts to underground utilities in Larkfield Estates.

A governmental agency (city, county or municipal agency) is the initiator of undergrounding projects performed under Rule 20A. PG&E does not initiate Rule 20A undergrounding projects. The city/county has to hold public hearings pursuant to the tariff because it affects property rights, all property owners have to convert service panels, and that has to include the other utilities that are on the existing pole we would be removing. Each party designs what they need, and this is almost a foot by foot, house by house calculation. If the governmental agency has enough Rule 20A allocation funds (work credits) and the project meets the Rule 20A criteria, then PG&E will work on the project. We work on all projects that are in the queue that qualify for Rule 20A funding and the governmental agency has sufficient work credits.

According to PG&E estimates, it costs approximately $2.3 million per mile to convert underground electric distribution lines from overhead.

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