Tree removal

Updated 11/3/18

The County’s Transportation and Public Works Department recently approved a contract with a private company to begin removing dead trees in public right-aways.  Read the County staff report here.

  Learn more about this program here.

Updated 2/3/18

Our neighborhood met with Image Tree Service to begin a group tree assessment/removal program.  This program will save us money by pooling together and having one work crew come into the neighborhood and leverage equipment, time and manpower.  A video of our meeting is available on our neighborhood rebuild Facebook page.

To sign-up for the group program, or if you have any questions, please send an email to and include your name, property address and put LARKFIELD ESTATES TREE PROGRAM in the subject line of the email.

Image Tree Service will provide each property owner with an individual tree assessment, cost estimate and schedule for trimming/removal.

Updated 1/15/18

Join us on January 31 at 6pm to learn more about a group tree removal program.  Location:  404 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa (Sonoma County Water Agency)

Updated 12/21/17

PGE is marking trees as part of its temporary pole plan.  Marking on trees with existing over-head facilities use green paint with:

P1 or P2 = remove
FPT 1 or FPT2 = prune

Marking on trees with no previous over-head facilities however PG&E will be installing temporary overhead lines with new poles use green paint with:

X = remove
P = side pruning
T = top pruning

If you are interested in participating in a neighborhood tree removal program in order to save money, please let us know at  We want to hire one tree removal company to work on several properties in order to reduce costs.  Please include Tree removal in the e-mail subject line, your name and property address.

Deadline:  Please let us know if you are interested by December 29th.