Rebuild Permits

Updated 1/5/19

The rebuild is picking up steam!  See an updated map of permits issued to date.  We are pleased to see so many homes being rebuilt in our community.  Please continue to reach out to us with questions.

Updated 5/6/18:
View a map of rebuild permits issued in our area.

Updated 2/22/18:

Update from the Resiliency Permit Center
Mike Renner of the Resiliency Permit Center provided an overview of how the fire recovery permit process has been working since it opened on Feb. 13. Traffic has been fairly light so far, with 14 permits issued from the RPC at an average turn time of three days.  They’ve also completed as many as 30 pre-application interviews, and a good deal of the traffic at the RPC has been from people figuring out how the system works. Renner urged anyone interested to come in and set up a pre-application interview.  So far the process is going smoothly, because it’s mostly builders and architects familiar with the Sonoma County system coming in and going through the RPC. Renner said that will likely change when more out-of-county professionals get to work, and that might slow things down a little.  The RPC prefers to deal with plans digitally.  Permit seekers will be able to upload plans directly to a website to be released “soon.” Do not bring them in on a thumb drive, they can’t accept those. When bringing in paper plans, please bring in two sets.
When ready for inspection, call Permit Sonoma and the inspection will be routed to the RPC once the lot is identified as a fire rebuild.

Learn more about the cost to rebuild and the County’s new rebuild permitting center.

County of Sonoma to open Resiliency Permit Center